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How Does Aimvein Vein Finder Work?

Vein finders have changed the way doctors and nurses find veins. It has made the vein injection process more efficient and less painful to patients.

Forget about missing veins. With a vein finder, you can easily find a vein on any body part you can think of. You're probably wondering how vein finders work and why they are so effective.

Don't worry. We are here to help. In this post, we will explain how vein finders work and why they are safe and beneficial.

Let's get started.

How Do Vein Finders Work?

Vein finders use vein visualization technology to make finding veins more effective and less painful to patients.

The fundamental technology that most vein finders use is infrared waves referred to as near-infrared light (NIL) to create an image of the tissue under the skin's surface.

You might be asking why do vein finders use infrared waves. The reason for this is that infrared waves react to blood and tissue differently. 

When infrared waves hit blood, it absorbs the infrared waves and does not reflect any back. This happens because the hemoglobin or the protein that carries oxygen inside the blood absorbed this light.

On the other hand, when infrared waves hit veins, arteries, or tissues, then the infrared waves are reflected back. 

The reflective nature allows vein finders to create an image of your veins, tissues, and blood just under your skin.There are two other key parts of a vein finder aside from the infrared light are the processor and the projector.

The processors will process the infrared light information that is either reflected or absorbed by the human body. The final part is the projector which will project an image in the exact position where the infrared light was directed.

Vein finders will then create an image based on the reflective and absorbed information it receives from your body. Typically these images are red, blue, or green. Most vein finders allow you to invert the image but in general, you would see that veins are bright in color and the blood and other tissues are black or white depending on your settings.

Key Functions of a Vein Finder

There are three key steps and three key parts that allow the vein finder to work properly. 

The three key parts inside a vein finder are:

  • Laser / infrared light
  • Processor
  • Projector

The three key steps that a vein finder goes through before illuminating and providing an image of the tissues under the skin are.

  • The laser shoots infrared light the size of a small square at the patient's skin.
  • The processor collects and interprets the light information collected from the skin.
  • The projector uses the information from the processor to display a live image in the exact location where the laser was pointed initially.  

Are vein finders safe?

safe light image

Yes, vein finders are safe. Vein finders use harmless infrared lights to create an image of the tissues under the skin.

Near-infrared light uses wavelengths that have little to no reported health effects on humans.

This means that doctors, patients, and nurses can use vein finders without the concern that they will be damaging their health for any reason.

When are Vein Finders Used?

Vein finders are important tools that can be used in various procedures, including some medical and other cosmetic procedures.

  1.IV Access

The most common job that vein finders are used for is IV access or injection. Intravenous injection is one of the most common functions that is performed in most procedures. IV is often used in surgical procedures, for medication consumption, drawing blood, and for many other reasons.

IV access is a crucial job in the medical industry, but this is not always an easy task. In fact, many medical professionals don't hit the vein on the first try. Vein finders make IV access easier and make medical professionals much more effective.

  2.Drawing Blood

Another common use for vein finders is when drawing blood. Gone are the days of mulitple blood draw attempts. With a vein finder, medical professionals will be able to see multiple veins before they ever attempt.  

Vein finders will make the blood draw process less painful and easier for medical professionals.

  3.Cosmetic procedures

Vein finders have also become increasingly popular in cosmetic procedures such as eliminating varicose veins, filler injections, and many more.

For example, the vein finder will ensure that the injection never enters a vein when applying fillers. This can cause serious side effects to the patient.

Likewise, the vein finder will ensure that the doctor can locate all the problem veins with varicose veins even if they are not visible through the skin.


There you have it. You no longer need to worry about how vein finders work. The technology, while it may seem advanced, is quite basic. The infrared light works as a camera to create an image using the vein finders processor and projector.

Now that you know how they work, you know that they are safe. Not only are they safe, but they are also incredibly effective and helpful to medical professionals.

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