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About Vein Finder Phlebotomy

What is the art and science of Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy is an important job for doctors and nurses, it's the way nurses get a sample of the patient's blood.Blood analysis allows you to study the patient's health.Before you start bleeding, you need to know which parts of the patient's body have a steady flow of blood so that you can collect accurate data quickly and easily.

For nurses, the veins of most patients are relatively easy to identify.But finding the right vein for infants, the elderly, edema and other patients can be difficult, especially if the phlebotomist is not experienced enough.Phlebotomy is an art as well as a science, allowing nurses to do the process more quickly.

An "easy draw stick" means you can quickly and easily find a patient's vein to draw blood from.For some patients, such as the elderly or obese, it may be impossible to quickly find the right vein to draw blood, even if they are very cooperative with the nurse, because their veins may be smaller than those of younger people.In addition, the veins of dark-skinned patients can be difficult to spot because their skin is so dark that the veins are hard to see.Similarly, veins in patients with chronic diseases can be difficult to spot.

Patients who are difficult to find veins will face the dilemma of multiple punctures in most cases.This can bring uneasiness and fear to the patient.

Description of Phlebotomy process

To avoid cross-contamination, a marker must be placed on the patient before blood tests are carried out.Confirm the patient's information before the bloodletting procedure and fill in the application form with the necessary information, such as equipment and labels needed to collect specimens from different parts of the body.

A tourniquet is first used to limit blood flow so that the vein that needs to be drained can be palpated.The process of drawing blood begins with the disinfection of the selected site.Then, with a needle through your skin and vein, you begin drawing samples into each numbered test vial.

Children's Phlebotomy

To relieve pain and anxiety in children under 10 years of age before Phlebotomy, different methods can be used, including: listening to music or stories, watching videos, playing with toys, nursery rhymes, etc.;These external factors can help divert children's attention.

Aimvein Vein Finder helps customize the most appropriate Vein, a handheld, non-contact Vein lighting system that enhances the combination of art and science by displaying veins in real time to help healthcare workers find and evaluate appropriate veins in patients.

In addition, Aimvein Vein Finder is a portable device that allows medical staff to quickly locate a patient's Vein that is most suitable for bloodletting.Its success rate is 3.5 times higher than traditional methods, making it very useful in inpatient and outpatient facilities where blood is drawn.And it is medical cold light design, do not worry about long time irradiation will burn the skin and make the skin hot.

Of course, our vein detection equipment is also equipped with Table Stand and Mobile Trolley , you can choose according to your actual needs.

The Aimvein vein vein Detection device has been licensed by CE & ISO and is affectionately referred to as "a useful device for making difficult veins easier to find."


The best way to solve this problem is to use today's state-of-the-art near-infrared detection technology: it helps us locate veins in real time.The Aimvien Vein detector Device is a hand-held tool for visual vein location.However, it is not to say that with this device, there is no need to have the expertise and experience of venous Phlebotomy, the device is only an auxiliary tool.We still need our medical staff to have professional knowledge and rich experience, in order to better use this equipment, better service for patients.


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