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1.Does this product have a CE Certificate?

Yes, AimVein has a CE Certificate.

2.What is the scanning depth of the Aimvein vein finder?

The Aimvein vein finder is available in two different models:

  • Aimvein Pro 2.0: Scanning depth of 5-7mm.
  • Aimvein Pro 3.0: Scanning depth of 7-10mm.

3.What is the optimal imaging distance for the Aimvein vein meter?

The optimal imaging distance varies depending on the model:

  • Aimvein Pro 2.0: Optimal imaging distance is 25-35cm.
  • Aimvein Pro 3.0: Optimal imaging distance is 24-28cm.

4.Can the Aimvein vein finder be used to draw blood?

The Aimvein vein finder is a tool used by healthcare professionals to locate veins beneath the skin's surface. While it doesn't draw blood itself, it assists in procedures such as venipuncture (blood drawing) by accurately identifying vein locations. Healthcare professionals rely on vein finders to ensure successful and comfortable procedures for patients.

5.Aimvein vein finder require calibration?

No, our device is accurately calibrated before leaving the factory, eliminating the need for recalibration during use.

6.What should I pay attention to when using Aimvein for the first time after unboxing?

We advise charging new devices first and using them when fully charged.

7.What are the methods of using the Aimvein vein finder?

There are two methods of use for this vein finder under clinical conditions:

①The first method is that medical staff begin venipuncture while using the instrument.

②The second one is to draw lines along the projected image of targeted veins by using a medical skin marker. This method is convenient for venipuncture after shutdown.

8.What does the Aimvein Vein Finder do?

The Aimvein Vein Finder is a medical device that projects a real-time image of a patient's veins onto the skin's surface. It assists healthcare professionals in accurately locating veins, thereby facilitating procedures such as venipuncture, IV insertion, and blood draws.

9.How exactly does an Aimvein vein finder work?

The Aimvein vein finder works by utilizing near-infrared light to detect hemoglobin in the blood, which absorbs the light and appears as dark lines on the skin. The device then projects this real-time image onto the surface of the skin, effectively highlighting the location of veins for healthcare professionals. This non-invasive technology assists medical staff in accurately locating veins, thereby making procedures such as venipuncture, IV insertion, and blood draws easier and more efficient.

10.What type of maintenance does AimVein require?

The device comes ready to use and shouldn’t require any maintenance to keep using. You may want to gently clean the device after repeated use or between patients. The battery is rechargeable. Simply recharge the device when the charge gets low. Also, remember AimVein comes with a full two-year warranty.

11.How much does AimVein vein finder cost?

We believe that if you compare AimVein to other models you will see that it is very competitively priced. There are many vein finders that cost between $1,830 and $3,299 on the market that don’t have anywhere near the features that AimVein has. Most vein finders priced below $1,000 are limited in what they can do and are not very reliable. AimVein offers all the best features for the lowest possible price.

12.Why do you need a Infrared portable vein finder like AimVein?

Because there are many patients whose veins are not easily found for blood draws, IVs and other treatments. AimVein makes finding a vein on these patients much easier and much less stressful. Medical professionals are able to do their job faster and more accurately and patients avoid unnecessary pain from inaccurate punctures. This device benefits both medical professionals and their patients.

13.How to achieve optimal vein results with Aimvein?

To achieve the best vein detection results with Aimvein, healthcare workers should have a certain level of experience in vein localization before using the vein locator. Initially, healthcare workers should visually and tactically examine the area, then utilize the projected image from the vein locator to accurately locate the veins. It is recommended to select areas of the skin that are smooth, taut, and have fewer hair, scars, or blemishes.

14.Who can benefit from an Aimvein Vein Finder?

The Aimvein Vein Finder is beneficial for all users, especially for 'difficult patients' such as children, the elderly, overweight individuals, those with dark skin, high blood pressure, diabetes, severe burns, a history of intravenous medication, or agitation.

15.Why is Vein Locator important?

Many times, it can be challenging to find a usable vein in a patient and it’s wrong to leave it to chance. Vein Locator is the solution to this problem by using the latest technology to find usable veins in patients.

16.What should be paid attention to before using this device?

Before using the product, medical staff should be familiar with correctly locating the best detection effect. In the use process, it is recommended that the medical staff take a touch and visual observation information for reference, combined with the projected image results, to determine the actual location of veins. Please choose areas of the organization with fewer scars, spots, or hair.

17.Is Aimvein easy to use?

Yes! Aimvein is extremely easy to use. Simply hold this compact, lightweight tool over an area of skin to see the vein network beneath it. Aimvein creates its vein maps by projecting harmless near-infrared light that is reflected by skin tissue but absorbed by the blood. You end up with an accurate, real-time image of a patient’s veins.

18.Is Aimvein Vein Finder Harmful?

No, this device is completely safe. The near-infrared light that it projects is harmless. Also, Aimvein does not grow hot with use. You can confidently use this device throughout your work shift without worrying about harming yourself or your patients. Please note: it is recommended that you do not stare at the near-infrared light beam or use this device to locate veins near the eyes.

Note: If you are using vein finder with light source of laser, you sould not staring into the beam or detect veins near eyes.

Our Service:

1.Does the AimVein come with a warranty?

Yes, the device comes with a one-year warranty.

2.Do you provide adapters for different countries' plugs?

Yes, we will provide the appropriate charging adapter based on the shipping address you provide. 

3.Does AimVein come with training?

The device is very easy to use – most medical professionals should be able to use it straight out of the box. However, we do provide an operating manual and how-to videos to help you learn how to maximize your use of the device.

4.Can I request a refund if I'm not satisfied with my device?

Of course, you can request a return within 14 days of receiving your device.

Note: Return requests older than 14 days will not be accepted.Learn More.

5.How long does it take to receive the device after placing an order?

We will dispatch 1-3 orders after receiving the order, and the average delivery time is 7-14 days.

6.If the device malfunctions after the warranty period, can I still get it repaired?

Of course, for repairs beyond the warranty period, we can still provide you with free repair services. However, you will be responsible for the shipping costs to return the device to us, as well as the cost of any replacement parts

【Attention and Caution】

●Infrared Vein Finder is a kind of medical equipment that forms the subcutaneous vein image in situ for contactless.

●To accurately examine the position of the vein, it is suggested to put the product at the proper height and angle and keep the product located in the center of the target vein. 

●Don't look straight at the light source when it is working.

●This product belongs to the electronic equipment. There could be outside interference by electromagnetic signals. So please stay away from other equipment when using it.

●It is suggested that the instrument should not be used when charging.

●The device has no waterproof function. Please keep it from a liquid.

●Please do not open, disassemble or repair the instrument by yourself.

●If the product is expected to be not used for a long time, please charge the product fully, clean, and package it in a dry, shady, and cool place to store by the original packaging materials. Please avoid putting the product upside down and under heavy stuff when storing.

●This product contains lithium polymer batteries; it is strictly prohibited to put the product into the fire. Don't discard at will and contact the manufacturer for recycling.