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1.Can you offer technical support, online or site training ? 

We absolutely offer technical support that includes an operating manual and videos to serve as training.

2.Do you have the CE certificate ?

Yes, all of our products have the CE certificate.

3.What about the necessary maintenance?

AIMVEIN is re-chargeable and long-lasting product that comes with a full warranty. That means your product is guaranteed with all necessary maintenance during that time.

4.What is the operating principle of the vein finder?

This handhold, portable, infrared vein finder works by acquiring an image of the subcutaneous veins, which is then projected onto the surface of the skin. This makes it easier for the nurse of phlebotomist to locate the vein and get an accurate needle stick the first time.

5.What are the methods of using the vein finder?

There are two methods of use for this vein finder under clinical conditions:

①The first method is that medical staff begin venipuncture while using the instrument.

②The second one is to draw lines along the projected image of targeted veins by using a medical skin marker. This method is convenient for venipuncture after shutdown.

6.What does a vein finder do?

A vein finder, like AimVein, is a device that illuminates veins under the skin so that medical professionals can more easily find veins and make an accurate puncture. The device can be particularly handy in emergency situations when time is of the essence as well as anytime a practitioner has difficulty finding a good vein on a patient. The device can spot veins for blood draws, IVs and more.

7. Who can benefit from a vein finder?

Anyone really, but in particular patients who are classified as “difficult sticks” by medical professionals. Difficult sticks can include: older patients, overweight patients, patients with dark skin, patients with hypertension, patients with diabetes, patients with severe burns, patients with IV drug use and patients who are agitated or in a hurry.

8.Does AimVein come with a warranty?

Yes, this device is backed by a full one-year warranty that will allow you to get a replacement device.

9.How exactly does a vein finder work?

AimVein emits infrared light, which is absorbed by the blood in veins. Because the light is absorbed and not reflected back veins appear darker than surrounding tissue. The device’s proprietary technology then uses this change in light to map vein locations and digitally project them onto the skin.

10.What can I expect after purchasing AimVein?

We provide industry-leading customer service. Your order will be checked for quality and carefully packed for shipping. We also offer access to a professional post-sale service team, which includes experienced engineers, should any problems or issues arise with your devices or their use.

11.Does AimVein come with training?

The device is very easy to use – most medical professionals should be able to use it straight out of the box. However, we do provide an operating manual and how-to videos to help you learn how to maximize your use of the device.

12.Does this product have a CE Certificate?

Yes, AimVein has a CE Certificate.

13.What type of maintenance does AimVein require?

The device comes ready to use and shouldn’t require any maintenance to keep using. You may want to gently clean the device after repeated use or between patients. The battery is rechargeable. Simply recharge the device when the charge gets low. Also, remember AimVein comes with a full two-year warranty.

14.How much does AimVein vein finder cost?

We believe that if you compare AimVein to other models you will see that it is very competitively priced. There are many vein finders that cost between $5,000 and $30,000 on the market that don’t have anywhere near the features that AimVein has. Most vein finders priced below $1,000 are limited in what they can do and are not very reliable. AimVein offers all the best features for the lowest possible price.

15.Why do you need a Infrared portable vein finder like AimVein?

Because there are many patients whose veins are not easily found for blood draws, IVs and other treatments. AimVein makes finding a vein on these patients much easier and much less stressful. Medical professionals are able to do their job faster and more accurately and patients avoid unnecessary pain from inaccurate punctures. This device benefits both medical professionals and their patients.

16.Do you offer general technical support?

Yes! We offer technical support in the form of operating videos and a detailed instruction manual.

17.How do the lights on Vein Locator work?

Firstly, the hemoglobin present in the blood absorbs the light, minimizing light reflection from the veins. Secondly, a unique detection system determines vein location and pattern using the change in light reflection and projects them on the patient's skin.

18.How do medical staff use Vein Locator?

For the best vein detection, medical staff should already have some experience in locating veins before using Vein Locator. The medical staff should take visual and touch observations first, which will then be combined with projected images from Vein Locator to locate the veins. Choose areas where the skin is smooth and tight with less hair, scars, or spots.

19.How much does Vein Locator cost?

Standard Vein Locator units from Aimvein cost between $5,000 to $30,000. This is a fair bargain considering all the benefits you gain. Cheaper vein Locators have limited functionality with most only working in the dark. See this as an investment and purchase only the best quality, which is what Aimvein offers.

20.Why is Vein Locator important?

Many times, it can be challenging to find a usable vein in a patient and it’s wrong to leave it to chance. Vein Locator is the solution to this problem by using the latest technology to find usable veins in patients.

21.What should be paid attention to before using the device?

We advise charging new devices first and using them when fully charged.

22.What should be paid attention to before using this device?

Before using the product, medical staff should be familiar with correctly locating the best detection effect. In the use process, it is recommended that the medical staff take a touch and visual observation information for reference, combined with the projected image results, to determine the actual location of veins. Please choose areas of the organization with fewer scars, spots, or hair.

23.【Attention and Caution】


●Infrared Vein Finder is a kind of medical equipment that forms the subcutaneous vein image in situ for contactless.

●To accurately examine the position of the vein, it is suggested to put the product at the proper height and angle and keep the product located in the center of the target vein.

●Don't look straight at the light source when it is working.

●This product belongs to the electronic equipment. There could be outside interference by electromagnetic signals. So please stay away from other equipment when using it.

●It is suggested that the instrument should not be used when charging.

●The device has no waterproof function. Please keep it from a liquid.

●Please do not open, disassemble or repair the instrument by yourself.

●If the product is expected to be not used for a long time, please charge the product fully, clean, and package it in a dry, shady, and cool place to store by the original packaging materials. Please avoid putting the product upside down and under heavy stuff when storing.

●This product contains lithium polymer batteries; it is strictly prohibited to put the product into the fire. Don't discard at will and contact the manufacturer for recycling.