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aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
Aimvein Pro 3.0
aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
Aimvein Pro 3.0
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Aimvein Pro 3.0
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, aimvein pro 3.0 vein finder
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Aimvein Pro 3.0

Portable Vein Finder

Aimvein Pro 3.0

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Take the guesswork out of venipuncture with this state-of-the-art device that projects a detailed, real-time vein map right onto a patient’s skin. Aimvein is easy to hold and use and dramatically increases first stick success rate. It can also be used with patients of all skin types, ages, and sizes – making it a powerful tool for improving patient care.

Reliable Quality

 1 Years  Warranty

 Free   Shipping 


Type of Light Source Near-infrared Light
Image Resolution Speed ≥30 Frames 
Projector Resolution 854*480 pixel
Projection Size (Full Size) 90mm*65mm
Display Screen 2.4 inches
Battery Capacity 6360 mAh
Optimal Projection Distance 26 cm±2 cm
Image Format BMP
Detectable Vein Size ≥ 1 mm
Vein Finder Weight 400g
Imaging color 11 options
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Aimvein Pro 3.0

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Normal and inverse imaging modes

Switchable For Three Projection Sizes

3 Adjustable Brightness Levels

An optional unique image enhancer system


  • Is Aimvein easy to use?

    Yes! Aimvein is extremely easy to use. Simply hold this compact, lightweight tool over an area of skin to see the vein network beneath it. Aimvein creates its vein maps by projecting harmless near-infrared light that is reflected by skin tissue but absorbed by the blood. You end up with an accurate, real-time image of a patient’s veins.

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  • Is Aimvein Vein Finder Harmful?

    No, this device is completely safe. The near-infrared light that it projects is harmless. Also, Aimvein does not grow hot with use. You can confidently use this device throughout your work shift without worrying about harming yourself or your patients. Please note: it is recommended that you do not stare at the near-infrared light beam or use this device to locate veins near the eyes. Note: If you are using vein finder with light source of laser, you sould not staring into the beam or detect veins near eyes.

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  • What Are the Benefits of Aimvein Vein Finder?

    Using this technology, finding locations for injections is simple, quick, and convenient. This keeps the treatment process on-track and safe. Additionally, the guide map created by vein finder minimizes the possibility of failed injections that can lead to bruising or other complications.

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  • Is training required to use Aimvein?

    Aimvein is extremely easy to use and does not require training. For those who want to maximize their use of this vein-mapping tool, there are an operating manual and how-to videos available. However, for those who want to start using this device immediately, Aimvein features an intuitive design for extreme ease of use.

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  • How do I maintain Aimvein?

    Aimvein is highly durable and shouldn’t require any tedious maintenance to keep it running optimally. It even comes with a full one-year warranty. Aimvein also has a rechargeable battery for convenience. All you’ll have to do is recharge the unit when the battery gets low. The only other thing you’ll need to concern yourself with regarding Aimvein is cleaning the unit. The cleaning frequency is up to you – you can clean Aimvein periodically or after each patient. The cleaning process is fast and simple.

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  • Do I really need Aimvein?

    Ultimately, the choice is up to individual users. You can continue to perform venipuncture “the old way,” which too frequently involves stick failure, additional pain for patients, and stress and frustration for medical professionals. Or you can use this next-gen device to clearly see veins and increase first stick success rate. Users of Aimvein save time and are able to improve work performance.

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  • Can the Aimvein vein finder be used to draw blood?

    The Aimvein vein finder is a tool used by healthcare professionals to locate veins beneath the skin's surface. While it doesn't draw blood itself, it assists in procedures such as venipuncture (blood drawing) by accurately identifying vein locations. Healthcare professionals rely on vein finders to ensure successful and comfortable procedures for patients.

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  • How exactly does an Aimvein vein finder work?

    The Aimvein vein finder works by utilizing near-infrared light to detect hemoglobin in the blood, which absorbs the light and appears as dark lines on the skin. The device then projects this real-time image onto the surface of the skin, effectively highlighting the location of veins for healthcare professionals. This non-invasive technology assists medical staff in accurately locating veins, thereby making procedures such as venipuncture, IV insertion, and blood draws easier and more efficient.

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Why Aimvein?

First Attempt Success Rate 92%

Clinicians will be able to see the vein more clearly and insert it accurately on the first attempt.

Reduce pain by 39%

Utilizing the vein map produced by Aimvein raises the first stick success rate to 92%!

Improve patient satisfaction

Happy patients mean positive word of mouth,more referrals, and more repeat visits.

Reliable. Even For Beginners.

Aimvein is beginner-friendly and reliably produces accurate vein maps for all skin types.

One Device for All Patients

Not only does Aimvein work on all skin types, but it is also effective for a wide variety of patient types, including the elderly, infants, obese, hairy skin, dark skin and more.

Dichrome Vein Depth Analysis

We developed dichromatic modes to improve vein visibility, displaying varying colors based on depth. This makes injections easier for medical staff and enhances the overall experience for both staff and patients.

Save Vein Images

Vein images can be saved and then downloaded to a computer, where the images can be further studied to ensure proper treatment is provided. All images and patient information are protected.

Handheld To Hands-Free

The unit is lightweight and ergonomic, weighing only 14 oz (400 grams), and can be easily held in one hand for initial scanning. The Aimvein quickly converts to hands-free by inserting it into the Mobile Trolley Portable Arm or the Table stand.

Model Compare




Model Name

Aimvein Pro 2.0

Aimvein Pro 3.0




Battery Working Time

About 3 hours

About 6 hours


One fixed size

3 different sizes


7 colors

11 colors

Image Storage



Enhance Mode

By Optional Seperate Enhancer

With Enhancement Mode

Sleep Mode

By Touching Buttons

By Pressing Buttons

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What is in the box

  • Aimvein Pro 3.0
  • ColorBox
  • Charger
  • Cable

Nurses Love Aimvein

I love the dichromatic mode fuction. It is a very easy way to determine which veins are closer to the surface and will make better venipuncture targets.

Angela Wilson


When a patient comes in, and you are not able to find a viable vein right away, it can be very stressful. Aimvein eliminates that stress and allows me to make the best treatment decision for the patient. Our patient satisfaction scores have soared since we got Aimvein.


C. Olsen

I have Aimvein set up on a table stand next to the chair my patients sit in, and it allows me to get accurate vein maps for patients of all sizes, shapes, and ages. I use it all day, every day, now.

Jason S.


I thought using a vein finder like Aimvein would be awkward but I’ve come to really like using this device. It is so much better to have a vein image to work off of instead of ‘flying blind,’ which is what I had to do a lot of in the past. I highly recommend Aimvein to all my colleagues.

Cindy T.