Vein finder is a new way to improve the satisfaction of Both Patient & Employee

Our cutting-edge Vein finder detects subcutaneous veins through patented infrared light technology – in effect, providing you with a vivid vein map with the click of switch. With a precise map to follow, your staff’s first stick success rate will soar . Why is this important? Because this in turn will lead to greater patient satisfaction. Employees will be happier, too, as the difficulty in finding an adequate vein decreases dramatically and they are able to do their jobs better Vein finder is highly beneficial when treating patients where vascular positioning is difficult, such as with the following conditions: child obesity, swollen tissue, hairy skin, hypovolemia and more. Vein finder also has three color settings to ensure it works with all colors of skin

One of the best vein finder satisfy both patient & Employee

Reduce the number of sticks, improve intravenous catheter dwell times and avoid associated complications


3.5 TIMES1

1Vein Finder would increase successful first stick by 3.5 times.


2VEIN Finder will reduce 39% pain。


Better success would low down cost.

Improve patient satisfaction

Few pain, better successful rate will definitely improve patients satisfaction.


3 Imaging Modes

It can be switched to blue-white, red-green and red-white imaging mode with a simple click. These color combinations ensure AIMVEIN works on all skin colors.

Bright, Clear View

You can easily adjust the brightness of Vein Finder to get a highly accurate picture of a patient’s veins – even when vascular positioning is difficult. It also gains high-quality images, which will be more clear with the enhancer.

Safe on Eyes

Vein Finder uses what is called “cold light,” which means the light can be viewed with the unprotected eye. It does not cause eye fatigue.

One-Touch Control

Simply touch our control button to turn the device on and off. By controlling how long the device is on you’ll preserve the device’s charge and save on electricity costs.

Convenient Size

AIMVEIN is small and lightweight so that it is easy to use and carry. The whole machine only weighs 280g.

Accurate, In-Depth View

Vein Finder is equipped with a 30cm antenna that makes is easy to find the ideal distance from illuminator to skin surface for the most accurate picture. The device also provides views of blood vessels to a subcutaneous depth of 10mm.

One of the best vein finder satisfy both patient & Employee

Reduce the number of sticks, improve intravenous catheter dwell times and avoid associated complications








Power on  Press power button to power on the device

Obtain the vein map   Direct vein finder at the insertion area of the skin to obtain the vein map

Adjust Height      Adjust height to make vein map bright and clear

Complete venipuncture   Find the right vein to begin venipuncture directly or use vein marker to

locate the targeted vein and complete the venipuncture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a vein finder?

Vein finder use infrared light to see the vivid vein map. With vein finder nurse can find vein easily, and help them to draw blood, hemodialysis, intravenous injection/infusion, and venipuncture efficiency.

2. What type of facility would benefit from using vein finder?

Vein finder works best in the following environments: hospitals, medical labs, nursing homes, and blood banks.

Hospitals:Can find Vein finder ideal for emergency rooms where time is of the essence for either a diagnosis or an treatment, as well as in the surgery ward, the clinic, and the dermatology department.

Medical Labs:One of the most common reasons people visit a lab is to fill a blood work order. Vein finder can reduce stress levels in patients while increasing productivity for lab staff members.

Nursing Homes:Ideal for reducing pain levels and the anxiety of extra sticks among older patients.

Blood Banks:Perfect for first-time and patients not actually suffering from an illness. Quick and easy process should increase donor rate of return.

3. What kind of people benefit the most from vein finder?

There are a host of different reasons that people find themselves to be “difficult sticks” for even the most well-trained medical professional. Some of those characteristics or conditions include:

  • Old Age
  • Dark Skin
  • Obesity
  • Severe burns
  • Agitation/restlessness
  • IV drug use
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes

4. What is aimvein warranty?

AIMVEIN offer 2 year Warranty!

5. What about the MAINTENANCE?

AIMVEIN is re-chargeable and long-lasting. Coupled with the AIMVEIN warranty, your device is guaranteed.

6. What is your Customer Support?

Our staff is by your side from technical support to operational support.

7. What is the price of vein finder?

Vein find is an investment for your client, most of the standard vein finder price from 5000$~30000$. Price below 1000$ device have limited function and some of them work in dark only and can not see the deep vein. Aimvein offers competitive price comparing same function device in the market.


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