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Best 6 Portable Vein Finder Light in Australia

As vein finders have grown in popularity, the number available in Australia has increased exponentially. There are so many models being made today that it can be difficult to separate the high-performing ones from the poor-performing ones.

To help you find the best vein finder in Australia for your hospital, clinic, or practice, we have carefully studied the marketplace, compared the features and performance of a variety of vein finders, and identified what we believe are the best vein finders in Australia.

Here is our comprehensive, well-researched list:

Best Vein Finder in Australia

In our research, we found a total of five vein finders that could legitimately lay claim to the title, “best vein finder in Australia.” Here are the five candidates, presented in no particular order.

Aimvein Pro 2.0

Aimvein portable vein finder image

  • Price:$1,830
  • Free Shipping
  • CE Certificate

The makers of Aimvein Pro 2.0 say that it represents the pinnacle of portable vein finder technology for vascular imaging.

This vein finder is designed with the utmost precision and is compact and lightweight. The Aimvein Pro 2.0 exudes elegance, ensuring effortless portability and ease of use.

Additionally, it offers the flexibility of an optional mobile cart stent and desktop fixed stent, enabling swift evaluation and location of superficial venous vessels.

Here are some of the benefits associated with using the Aimvein Pro 2.0:

  • Unlocks a 3.5X increase in first stick success
  • More accurate punctures translate to a 39% reduction in patient pain
  • Utilizes "cold" or safe light, ensuring no harm to the eyes
  • Offers seven vein imaging color options
  • Has normal and inverse imaging modes
  • Has a fast start process so users can be ready to go in no time
  • Allows for the optimization of vein images for unparalleled detail and precision
  • Easy to clean – a gentle cleaning between uses or patients suffices

Users of the Aimvein Pro 2.0 can tailor the light to their exact requirements. The device also has a sleep function to save battery power.

Aimvein can be used on patients with challenging vascular positioning, including those with obesity, swollen tissue, hairy or dark skin, and hypovolemia. The device also has convenient one-touch control. Users can activate and deactivate the device effortlessly with a single touch.

    Aimvein Pro 3.0

    Aimvein Pro 3.0 vein finder image

    • Price:$2,320
    • Free shipping
    • One Device for All Patients
    • An optional unique image enhancer system
    • 3 Adjustable Brightness Levels
    • Switchable For Three Projection Sizes
    • Normal and inverse imaging modes

    The Aimvein Pro 3.0 is easy to hold and use, dramatically improving first-time puncture success rates. It is also suitable for patients of all skin types, ages and sizes, making it a powerful tool for improving patient care.


    nextvein vein finder image

    NextVein is an affordable high-performance vein finder that improves first stick success, reduces patient discomfort, and elevates overall patient satisfaction.

    This vein finder, available in Australia, is one of the reasons why these devices have quickly become the gold standard for vein access and avoidance in healthcare facilities worldwide.

    Whether referred to as vein visualization, vein illumination, or an infrared vein finder, this technology enhances patient care. For IV starts, Nextvein significantly improves stick success rate. In the realm of cosmetic injections, Nextvein offers vein visualization that is a game-changer, preventing bruising and minimizing social downtime.

    If you are looking for a vein finder in Australia that stands out as a budget-friendly, handheld device that enables healthcare professionals to swiftly and precisely locate veins, this could be the choice for you.

    Founded by a team of vein visualization experts, NextVein is dedicated to providing affordable vein finder technology with the right features, excellent service, and comprehensive support.

    With its lightweight handheld design, NextVein simplifies rapid assessments and easily converts into a hands-free device for procedures. The device projects a clear image of the veins onto the patient's skin, enabling clinicians to make precise insertions on the first try. This not only reduces patient discomfort but also enhances overall patient care.

    Key features of this vein finder include:

    • Handheld for quick patient assessments
    • Hands-free functionality during procedures
    • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
    • Advanced digital design utilizes proprietary algorithms
    • Streamlined, easy-to-grip handle
    • Multiple color modes to suit user preferences
    • Crystal-clear projection for optimal vein visibility
    • User-friendly with an intuitive design
    • Equipped with a wheeled stand for effortless transport and use
    • Long battery life for uninterrupted use throughout the day
    • Flexible charging options available both on the stand and tabletop

    Nextvein is advertised as being up to 50% off the regular price, however, pricing information is not given on the website. You must submit an online request form to discover actual pricing. It does come with a protection plan, user damage coverage, and optional 5-year coverage and loss protection.


    accuvein vein finder image

    AccuVein harnesses the potential of near-infrared (NIR) technology to provide healthcare professionals with a clear view of superficial vasculature, facilitating the identification of veins for optimal peripheral venous access and precise avoidance during aesthetic procedures.

    When it comes to vein finders in Australia, this device is a simple and secure solution. With over 90% of patients requiring IV therapy during their hospital stay, AccuVein stands as a straightforward and secure way to simplify the IV therapy process.

    This easy-to-use device enhances vein assessment proficiency, mitigates the risk of patient IV complications, and aligns with clinical and operational priorities.

    Clinicians using AccuVein gain the ability to visualize veins, valves, and bifurcations that escape the naked eye, resulting in well-informed site assessment decisions, precise needle/catheter placement, and an overall improvement in patient care.

    Here is more about this device: AccuVein employs a low-power, Class 1 laser to project a real-time image of veins onto the skin's surface through a bright green image projection.

    Featuring the patented True Center™ technology, AccuVein is the first and only vein visualization device that remains permanently aligned and does not necessitate calibration, ensuring clinicians can accurately pinpoint the center-line of the vein.

    AccuVein offers three brightness settings and an inverse color mode display, allowing users and clinicians to customize the image to suit their specific environment.

    At a mere 10 ounces (283g), this device is both lightweight and handheld, with the option to convert it to hands-free operation using an optional mobile, powered stand, or a pole mount fixture.

    Key features of this vein finder include:

    • Supports PIV Best Practice
    • Enables Fast and Precise Scanning
    • Delivers True Center™ Accuracy
    • Always Maintains Focus
    • Enhances Site Selection
    • Works Seamlessly Across All Skin Tones
    • User-Friendly and Effortless to Operate
    • Transition from Handheld to Hands-Free
    • Boasts a Class 1 Laser Rating
    • Easy to Clean

    AccuVein also offers hands-free solutions suitable for any medical setting that requires efficient vein visualization at the patient's bedside or chair. One example is a flexible, wheeled stand with built-in charging capabilities.

    Prospective buyers must contact an AccuVein sales representative to learn pricing information. AccuVein does indicate on its website that it offers group purchasing options.

    NAVI-60 Vein Finder

    NAVI-60 Vein Finder

    The NAVI-60 Vein Finder from Medcaptain offers real-time, precise skin surface imaging, aiding medical professionals in vein verification and reducing the risks associated with venipuncture.

    Users unlock a range of benefits with the NAVI-60, including cost reduction, enhanced infection control, and improvements in patient safety and satisfaction.

    Key features of the NAVI-60 Vein Finder are:

    • Portability with Battery Operation
    • Vibrant and Colorful Imaging
    • Versatile Applications
    • Real-Time Skin Image Display
    • Lightweight, Perfect for Mobile or Fixed Use
    • Detects Veins on Hands, Face, and Feet

    Makers of the NAVI-60 Vein Finder say it boasts cutting-edge capabilities and sets a new standard in healthcare efficiency. However, they do not offer pricing information on their website. Prospective buyers must fill out a form to receive a quote. The NAVI-60 is available with mounting solutions, including a fixed support and a mobile support.

    VeinViewer® Flex

    veinviewer flex vein finder image

    The VeinViewer Flex is an innovative tool that empowers clinicians to visualize peripheral veins, including bifurcations and valves, with real-time assessment of vein refill and flushing.

    This device isn't just about the initial stick; it's designed for pre-, during-, and post-procedure visualization, which can help clinicians prevent complications from inadvertent punctures and enhance the overall vascular access procedure.

    The VeinViewer Flex is highly portable and can be operated as a handheld or mounted vascular imaging device. Its primary goal is to assist in locating the optimal vein puncture site while minimizing potential complications.

    Featuring high-definition imaging and Df² (Digital Full Field) technology, the VeinViewer Flex shines as the brightest and only handheld vein illuminator, offering a range of benefits to patients throughout the entire pre-, during-, and post-vascular access procedure.

    VeinViewer Flex is equipped with a built-in suite of imaging modes to help ensure optimal image clarity and to cater to patients of all skin tones.

    This device streamlines the site assessment process, making it fast, efficient, and thorough. It's the perfect solution for hospital departments with stringent space requirements and the need for rapid assessments, such as the Emergency Department and NICU.

    Pricing information for this device is not available online. Those interested in the device must call a toll-free number or fill out a form online to learn pricing details.


    The bottom line is there are a lot of high-quality vein finders available in Australia. In fact, due to the quantity, it can be difficult to determine which model is the best vein finder in Australia. However, in this case, we have done the work for you and are confident that the five models listed above can provide you with the performance and reliability you need to properly treat patients.

    These vein finders are all great for improving patient satisfaction while also easing the workload of staff.



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