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15+Portable Vein Finder Complete Price List With Cost 2024

Discover How Much You Should Expect to Pay

for a High Quality Vein Finder as Well

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the Market Today!

Vein finders, or vein viewers, have become very popular as their performance has improved over the past few years.

Where once, the use of these devices was rare, they are now frequently used by both medical professionals and others who need to complete “venipuncture.”

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at vein finders, their various features and how much they cost so that you can determine what is a good vein finder price for you or your health organization.

Before we get to pricing, however, let’s explain what vein finders do a little more thoroughly.

What Vein Finders Are & How They Work

Vein finders are devices that illuminate veins under the skin so that medical professionals and others can more easily find veins and make an accurate puncture.

These devices can be especially handy in emergency situations when time is of the essence as well as anytime a practitioner or person has difficulty finding a good vein on a patient. 

Vein finders are typically used to find veins for blood draws, IVs and more.

Here’s how they work:

Most work by emitting an infrared light which is then absorbed by the blood in veins. Because the light is absorbed and not reflected back veins appear darker than surrounding tissue in an image that is then projected onto the skin.

This difference in color then gives users a clear map of veins so that they can make an accurate puncture. Medical professionals who have tried vein finders love how easy they make finding veins that may not be easily visible on the surface of the skin.

Who Do Vein Finders Benefit? 

In particular, anyone who is considered a “difficult stick” can benefit from a vein finder. 

“Difficult sticks” are people whose veins are not easily visible on the surface of the skin. They can include: older patients, dark skinned patients, overweight patients, patients suffering from hypertension or diabetes, patients with severe burns and more.

Likewise, using a vein finder can make work much easier and less stressful for anyone who needs to regularly find “good veins” for needle insertions. That’s why these devices can also benefit patients with diabetes or other conditions that require frequent needle punctures.

So What is a Good Vein Finder Price?

As with most things, the answer to what is a good vein finder price differs based on a person or organization’s needs and funding.

There are a wide variety of vein finders available today with varying features. Different features can result in different price points.

Other factors affecting price can include performance, resolution, device life, ease of use and more.

To help save you time and frustration we recently analyzed the vein finder market and have included a brief description and current price for the most popular models available today.

Below are the top 15 values in the vein finder market today. These vein finders range in price from $64.99 to several thousand dollars.

Again, quality is a big consideration when it comes to price. You shouldn’t expect the low cost vein finders to deliver the same quality and image clearness as the higher priced models.

Another big difference between the lower priced models and the higher priced ones is reliability. Higher priced models are built for much longer use while the lower priced ones may have “glitches” and other issues that make using them more frustrating.

What is a Good Vein Finder Price?

Here are 15 top vein finders and how much they cost. Please note some device prices may not have been easily available. In general, when prices are not available it is because they are very high and the company wants you to contact them so that they can justify the price and “sell” you on the fact that you need their device in particular.

Now let’s take a closer look at the top vein finders on the market and their corresponding prices.

1.AimVein Pro 2.0

Aimvein pro 2.0

  • Price: $1,830
  • Free Shipping
  • 1 Year Free Warranty
  • 14 Days 100% Money-back Guarantee

Company officials say its use increases the chance of first stick success by 3.5X! 

Additional AimVein Pro 2.0 features include: 

  • “Cold” or safe light – it won’t damage the eyes
  • Seven vein imaging colors to choose from for better visibility
  • Normal and inverse imaging modes
  • Ability to optimize vein images for higher detail and accuracy
  • Ability to adjust light for optimal viewing wherever you are
  • Battery-saving sleep function
  • Fast start process
  • Optional image enhancer system for even clearer imaging

Users of AimVein cite a number of benefits from using the device, including:

  • 5X times increased chance of first stick success
  • 39% reduction in patient pain due to more accurate punctures
  • Increased patient satisfaction due to reduced pain & better efficiency
  • High safety and reliability due to the use of non-harmful infrared light.

2.AimVein Pro 3.0

Aimvein Pro 3.0 vein finder

  • Price:$2,320
  • Free shipping
  • 1 year warranty
  • 14 day 100% money back Guarantee

Take the guesswork out of venipuncture with this state-of-the-art device that projects a detailed, real-time vein map right onto a patient’s skin. Aimvein is easy to hold and use and dramatically increases first stick success rate. It can also be used with patients of all skin types, ages, and sizes – making it a powerful tool for improving patient care.

  • Normal and inverse imaging modes
  • Switchable For Three Projection Sizes
  • 3 Adjustable Brightness Levels
  • An optional unique image enhancer system

One Device for All Patients

Not only does Aimvein work on all skin types, but it is also effective for a wide variety of patient types, including the elderly, infants, obese, hairy skin, dark skin and more.

Aimvein pro 3.0 work with all patients image

3.Hellovein Max 3.0

    hellovein max 3.0 image

    • Price:$3,698
    • Free Shipping

    The latest version of hellovein max 3.0 includes features such as real-time vein images.One of the great things about the HelloVein vein light is that medical staff can adjust the image size to best serve different types of patients, like infants and young children and the obese and elderly. For example, staff would select a small image size (2/3 or 1/3) when working with a small child.

    Another great thing about the HelloVein vein detector machine is that image brightness can easily be adjusted to obtain an optimal image for a patient’s skin tone and the available room lighting. This feature benefits medical staff by easing vision fatigue and making it much easier to locate an ideal vein to stick.

    4.CMS Vein Finder VF30 – Price Not Available

    vf 20 image

    The VF30 features brightness adjustment, minimalist design, higher first attempt success rate and more. This device maps the veins and projects them on the surface of the skin. The issue with this device is that no price is given on the website. Visitors are instructed to call the company to get pricing. This typically indicates a very high price.


    accuvein 500 image

    $3,200 to $5,000 (The AV300 retails for $4,500, a refurbished AV400 is $3,313)

    The Accuvein AV500 relies on near infrared (NIR) imaging to detect veins. This device also uses two safe barcode scanner class lasers to provide a real-time image of the veins up to 10mm deep. This device also claims to be the world’s first handheld, non-contact vein illumination solution. Accuvein utilizes proprietary technology to deliver a broad range of imaging solutions. The company, however, does not give a specific device price on the website. Visitors are instructed to call or submit a form for more pricing information.

    6.VeinViewer Flex (Christie Medical)

    veinviewer flex image

    $4,500 to $6,000 (

    Christie Medical says its VeinViewer Flex is its brightest handheld vein illuminator and that it provides benefits for patients during all three phases of vascular treatment – pre, during and post. The device features HD imaging and digital full field technology. It projects near-infrared light that is absorbed by blood and surrounding tissue to produce a detailed image that is then projected onto the skin. Again, no specific price is given on the site. Visitors must call a salesman to get pricing information.

    7.Iism Vein Probe

    iism image

    $3,300.99 at MFI Medical

    This device shows images of blood vessels in real time. It uses non-invasive infrared technology that is safe and hygienic. It can also be used across a broad range of patients from the very young to the very old and also with emergency patients.

    8.Veinlite PEDI2®

    veinlite image

    • Price: $249

    The Veinlite PEDI2 is a clinically proven pediatric vein finder that simplifies and improves venous access in children ages 0-17. PEDI2 uses side transillumination to make the veins more visible and accessible. It enables healthcare providers to quickly and accurately locate suitable veins for IV access in pediatric patients. Doing so helps reduce time, frustration, and discomfort associated with traditional techniques for finding small or faint veins.

    Healthcare professionals can use Veinlite PEDI2 to achieve 100% vein access success in children and eliminate multiple failed IV attempts. In clinical trials, the first attempt success rate was significantly higher when using Veinlite than the Standard of Care (93% vs 72%). Near-infrared light (NIR) devices only had a 45% success rate.

    PEDI2 meets INS & CDC Guidelines for Infection Control through the use of disposable plastic covers to prevent patient-to-provider and patient-to-patient contamination.

    • Fewer IV access failures
    • Faster, more accurate results
    • Improved patient satisfaction
    • Suitable for pediatric patients of all ages and skin tones
    • Clinically proven to improve vein access success rates.

    9.IVYRise Infrared Vein Finder

    IVYRise image

    • Price: $1,290 on Amazon

    Claims to provide significant help for patients with vascular position difficulties. These difficulties can include obesity, swollen tissue, dark skin, hairy skin and more. Device features include performance optimization, brightness adjustment and high accuracy. Poor reviews on the Amazon website indicate that the device has not work as promised for many who purchased it.

    10.Veinvu 100 and 200 Majutech Inc. 

    Veinvu image

    • Price: $2,400 to $2,800

    These devices illuminate veins using near infrared light. The devices makers say Veinvu shows the veins at the same thickness that they have in real life. The devices also make it possible to view veins in real time. They provide a guide for finding or dividing veins for intravenous injection.

    11.Venoscope Transilluminator Vein Finder

    venoscope image

    • Price: $285

    This device is designed to allow doctors, nurses and clinicians to more easily locate difficult to find veins so that a higher quality of care can be delivered. More specifically, the device claims to increase first stick success rate. Fewer sticks mean greater patient satisfaction and easier work for staff. The device’s light contrasts patient veins with surrounding tissue making them easier to find.

    12.USB Vein Finder

    usb vein finder image

    • Price: $64.99 on Amazon

    This device, which is ring shaped, detects veins in darkness. The makers claim it can detect veins up to 10mm in depth and can be used on both adults and infants. To be used, the device must first be connected to a power supply via a USB plug charger or USB cable.

    13.Hand Held Vein Finder – Price Not Available

    hand vien finder image

    Hold this device in your hand to illuminate the veins located in the back of the hand. Uses medical cold light. It does not become hot to the touch. It also does not use radiation or laser light. It is suitable for adults as well as children and babies. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

    14.Wee Sight Vein Finder 

    wee sight image

    • Price: $169

    This vein finder, which is also called the Wee Sight Infant Vein Illuminator, is made to safely and accurately locate infant veins for improved insertion of IVs. It is designed for one-handed operation and it is small and lightweight. The device can be placed in pockets or hung from a lanyard or clipped onto a belt for easy transportation. Also, the device’s light is always cool to the touch, never hot. It is powered by two Double AA batteries.

    15.Qualmedi QV-500 Vein Finder – Price Not Available

    qualmedi image

    This portable device projects an image of blood vessels on the skin’s surface. The image is accurate and timely. Additional features include an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and use. It increases the success rate of punctures and reduces both cost and pain. It produces seven different colors to different skin colors and environments. The device also has five levels of brightness and it automatically reduces hair interference to make blood vessels clearer.

    The Bottom Line …

    When it comes to selecting a vein finder there is a lot to consider with price just being one component that must be weighed.

    You also need to consider the various features, product dependability, how easy it is to use a device and much more.

    For instance, one thing our top choice – Aimvein – has going for it with its Pro 2.0 vein finder is that it is capable of projecting images in seven different colors.

    This can be very beneficial when working with patients of different skin colors or in rooms of differing light levels.

    Another thing AimVein has going for it is that it has established a reputation for providing high quality products that last through repeated use.

    With AimVein you can be confident you are getting what you paid for – and not a product that will suddenly stop working or that delivers poor quality imaging.

    Also, please keep in mind that the vein finders listed on this page are considered to be the best in the marketplace. However, there can still be big differences between products at this level.

    You shouldn’t expect a low priced vein finder to perform like a high priced vein finder. We have included both in this ranking because a high-priced model like the Accuvein AV500 may be just what a hospital needs but a person with diabetes who just needs a little help finding a good vein some days might find its many features unnecessary and overly expensive.

    A lower priced model might be best for this person.

    Whatever your needs we are confident you can find a device that is right for you among the vein finders listed above.

    We also want to mention that we took great care in tabulating the prices for the devices listed above but that prices often change. We will try to keep the prices updated so that you can make the most informed purchase decision possible.

    Thanks for checking out our rankings and we hope that the information we provided to you on this page proves beneficial in your search to find a high quality vein finder that meets your needs.

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