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Vein infrared Viewer: A Must Have Gadget for MDs, EMTs, and Nurses


Chapter One

Unveiling a New Revolution in Healthcare: How Vein Viewer can help make a difference in your profession

Vein viewer is a new revolution in the health industry. In fact, it is one of the must-have gadgets for any medical professional who wants to stay abreast of innovations in the industry.

Maybe you’ve not heard about vein finder or you’ve heard about it but yet to see its potentials. Then, it’s important you read this post.

If you’re a medical doctor, an emergency medical technician (EMT), a nurse or any practitioner in the health care industry, and you’re yet to start taking advantage of the benefits offered by vein finders, my advice is that you take your time to read this post to the end.

I’m going to share with you how hospitals, clinics, aesthetic outfits, and outpatient centers can all take advantage of the benefits offered by vein viewer gadgets to promote efficiency, improve services, and increase their business’ bottom line.

I know you are now eager to learn more about this gadget and its benefits. Don’t worry, that’s the essence of this post. Just read on…

I also understand that people often find it difficult to land on the right pages when searching for their choice of vein viewers online.

Thus, I’m going to share with you the super keywords that trigger pages with varieties of vein viewer products you can choose from.

So, come along and let me show you the usefulness, benefits, and importance of vein viewer to you as the medical practitioner in the delivery of satisfactory services to your patients.

And not just about you…

But, it’s more about making your patients happy. Vein viewer helps you to provide tangible values in return for your patients’ money, time, and loyalty.

Now, what is a vein viewer?

Vein viewer is a device that helps healthcare providers to easily access veins when trying to collect a blood sample or administer IV medications on a patient.

It’s a medical device that uses near-infrared light to detect veins underneath the skin. The infrared light helps display a map of the patient’s vasculature directly on the surface of the skin, allowing the caregiver to see under a patient’s skin. This enables the medical professional to easily locate a suitable vein when administering medications. 

The vein viewer device was invented in 1995 by Herbert Zeman, an Emeritus Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging, University of Tennessee Health Science Center. It, however, became popular in recent years when many of its benefits are becoming obvious beyond the manifest values.

The inventor, after observing series of painful sticking resulting from countless poking following difficult situations where healthcare providers’ are unable to locate veins easily in some patients, came up with the new intervention to help salvage the situations.

Needless to say, it was a solution that came with loads of benefits for healthcare professionals as well as their patients.

Apart from the obvious function of illuminating the vein underneath the skin so that clinicians can take a sample of the patient’s blood or have an x-ray view of what’s going on in the veins while performing their duty, vein finder also offers other unique benefits for medical professionals.

Beyond the obvious benefits, I’m going to show you how vein finder can be an essential tool for increasing your productivity.

Since you’ve read this post up to this stage, it means you really want to know how this gadget can help improve your services and increase your bottom line.

I’m happy for you and I congratulate you. This is because your heart has landed you on the right page.


Chapter Two

How Does Vein Viewer Works to Benefit You, Your Patients, and Your Practice?

If you really care about the comfort and happiness of your patients, please read the following information carefully and attentively.

I’m saying this because I want you to reap all the benefits therein in this post concerning vein viewer.

First, I want you to know that nobody enjoys being poked repeatedly with needles in an effort to have his or her vein accessed. Many people are only enduring this condition because there used to be no alternatives.

Two decades ago before the invention of vein viewer, it is often difficult to access the vein in some patients, especially children younger than 3 years.

So, most often than not, the prolonged procedure results in more pains, trauma and subcutaneous hemorrhage resulting from frequent attempts.

All the different methods used prior to the advent of the vein viewer technology to dilate the subcutaneous vein in order to enhance visibility and facilitate cannulation remained unsuccessful in most cases.

So, many patients continued to groan in pains whenever there is a need to prick their veins for blood samples or administering of IV medications.

Today, however, vein viewer offers the ultimate alternative to all the painful procedures in the past.

Thus, if you have not been using the vein viewer yet in your hospital, you might be leaving money on the table for your competitors. No doubt, it’s only a matter of time; you will soon start to feel the negative impact of such neglect of modern innovation on the patronage to your health services.

This is why I have come up with some thought-provoking benefits of view viewer that will motivate you to take action.

The Benefits of Vein Viewers: What Are the Potentials for you? 

Vein viewers hold a lot of benefits in terms of reducing the time it takes to locate a suitable vein, less painful sticking experience, and other not so obvious but important benefits for the sustainability of your business and career.

I will share with you 10 benefits of vein viewers so you will understand why you should buy one for your health care services.

  1. Vein viewers help to avoid associated complications

The near infrared light technology of the vein viewer helps to increase the contrast in the image, bringing out more detailed vein formations. A detailed map of the vein is revealed by a vein viewer, which in turn helps the clinicians to be accurate in their judgment of the location of the vein so as to avoid complications.

Once the veins are visualized, it becomes easier to determine an appropriate injection site based on the patient’s own vasculature. This enables clinician to see turns (bifurcations and valves) in a person’s veins and perform the vein pricking without unnecessary complications.

  1. It allows for a single needle sticking

As the hemoglobin in the blood absorbs the infrared light from the vein finder, it makes the veins to appear noticeably different than the surrounding tissue.

This, no doubt, will help the care giver to locate the targeted vein and complete the venipuncture immediately in a single needle sticking. Basically, vein finder helps to reduce the number of sticks and improve intravenous catheter dwell times.

  1. Vein viewer makes it easier to locate vein in difficult situations

In the cases of obese children, swollen tissues, hairy skins, and other difficult situations, vein viewer can come handy. In fact, vein finder is highly beneficial when treating patients where vascular positioning is really difficult to access.

Since the device helps to illuminate the vein underneath the skin so an x-ray type of view of the vein can be visible, then the clinician can accurately inject the needle in one poke to take the patient’s blood. This means easier jobs for the employees and the lesser pains for the patients.

Hence, seasoned medical practitioners are utilizing vein finder to make location and sticking of vein a lot less painful for patients. Of course, no one, clinician or patient, enjoys endless vein poking.

  1. Vein finder makes handling emergency situations a lot easier

Vein finder could be an invaluable asset for you during an emergency situation. Since the vein viewer uses near infrared light to see into the skin up to a range of 7mm to 10mm deep. The gadget can help save enormous amount of time and efforts at getting blood samples from unconscious patients during emergency.

Of course, this can help to save many lives since the intervention provided by vein finders can help you to speed up treatment of the victims.

  1. A valuable gadget for dermatologists and aesthetic physicians

If you are a dermatologist or an aesthetic physician, vein finder can help you to be more proficient at your practice. The device can help you to locate peripheral vasculature. As an aesthetics clinician, vein finder can be helpful for you when trying to access client’s veins for sclerotherapy procedures or avoiding veins in cosmetic procedures to help minimize bruising.

  1. It increases customers’ satisfaction

One of the latent benefits of vein finder is that it increases customers’ satisfaction by reducing drastically the level of pain they go through during the needle sticking.

What could be better for your business than having smiling satisfied customers who can help you spread the words of mouth about your wonderful technology enabled gadget that delivers satisfactory results? This also gives you the opportunity to gain referrals through satisfied customers.

  1. Vein viewer helps save time

Time means money. Not just for you, also for your patients. So, having a gadget that reduces the time you would normally spend with a patient is a plus for you.

Although this might not sound like an obvious reason why you would need a vein viewer, time-saving practice is one of the sure-fire ways you can add significantly to your bottom line.

So, working with a vein viewer puts you in the good book of your patients in terms of prompt and efficient service. Your health facility will be the first to come to their mind when they want to recommend a reliable healthcare provider to anyone.

  1. It helps to increase productivity

Any gadget that saves time, increases efficiency, and improves customers’ satisfaction will, undoubtedly, leads to higher productivity. Hence, if for any of the obvious reasons you are not yet convinced on why you should buy a vein viewer, its potentials to help increase your staff’s productivity should motivate you enough to buy one.

Remember, health care might look more of a social service. You’re actually doing a business.

And any business owner should be concerned about the productivity level. Your level of productivity will determine to a large extent how long you’re going to be in business.

So, the onus is on you to act on this useful information. No doubt, vein viewer is a device that promises more return on investment (ROI) for you.

  1. It helps to establish you as an authority in the industry

Running a technologically driven health facility helps to elevate your status as a medical professional. At least, it gives you a higher perceived value in the eyes of your clients.

Having a vein viewer in your hospital or clinic would make most patients to see you as an established authority in the health industry.

  1. The gadget helps to increase your bottom line

The ultimate benefit of vein viewer is that the gadget has the potential to increase your bottom line.

Vein finders help you to locate the vein easily, get blood sample or set the catheters on time, and makes the pains lesser on the patients. All these benefits make both the patients and your employees happy.

At the end, your staff gets motivated to work better. Your satisfied customers will certainly spread words of mouth to recommend your hospital or clinic to their friends and family members.


Chapter Three

Buying a Vein Viewer? What Are the Common Features and Prices?

If you are planning to buy a vein viewer in a couple of days, you might be having the following questions in your mind.

What should I look for in a vein viewer?

Where should I look?

How much does it cost?

Or any of other similar questions

First, let’s look at some of the general features of a vein finder. Afterward, we shall review some of the common brands on the market. Then, I will give you the keywords that trigger the sites where you can find these brands.


Some General Features of Vein Finders


Vein viewers are generally illuminating machines that provide images of veins’ map on the skin making it easy for health care providers to locate the veins in order to collect blood samples or administer IV medications.

Without a vein locator, some vein might be difficult to detect. So, where there is no vein finder, the patient might have to endure some unnecessary delay and painful needle sticking leading to increasing discomfort for both patients and staff.

Although, the vein viewer comes in different sizes, shapes, and specifications, generally, they are meant to ease the process of venipuncture. Other general features include;

  • User-friendly: One common feature of vein viewer is they are easy to learn and operate. In fact, there is no need for any pre-use training. Any staff member can start using it immediately the need arises.
  • Safe on eyes: Vein finder uses “cold light,” which can be viewed with the unprotected eye. The summary is that it does not cause any eye fatigue neither does it inflicts any long or short term damages on the eyes.

  • They work for all skin types: It doesn’t matter whether it’s dark or light skin type, the vein finder works for all skin types. There are adjustable lights in some vein viewer that makes it possible to adjust the light to the skin types.
  • Accurate and In-Depth View:Vein Finders are equipped to provide accurate and in-depth view of the veins. They have antenna that makes it easy to determine the ideal distance from the illuminator to the skin surface so as to create the most accurate images of the veins. Also, the gadgets provide views of blood vessels up to certain subcutaneous depth.
  • Can be used in dark or lighted environment: One of the beauties of the vein finder machines is that they can all work both in dark and lighted environment.

What are the prices ranges in the market?

Just like any essential product at all, vein viewers come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Majority of them are hand held devices while a few others can be fixed to a stand to be placed on a table.

Also, prices of vein viewers vary dependent on the materials used in the production, level of unique features added to improve quality, and whether they come with rechargeable batteries. They can be found in local medical equipment stores around the globe, Amazon, Aliexpress, other online marketplaces, and manufacturers’ websites. Vein viewers are priced between $20 and $4000, depending on the features, accessories, and quality.


Chapter Four

Some Case Studies about Vein Viewer

Many patients who have seen a vein viewer in action were really wowed by the effectiveness and efficiency of the gadget in displaying veins’ images on skins. Patients themselves can see, first hand, the ease with which the care givers are locating needed veins. This makes their works faster and eases the pains on the patients as well.

If you have had a painful experience in the past, you will forever cherish such a new encounter. And never will you allow anyone to prick your vein without using the vein viewer.

As a medical practitioner, I want you to put your sense of empathy into play here.

If you happen to be in the shoes of your patients, wouldn’t you rather pay more to access health facilities that are sensitive to your pains than those that are careless about the pains you feel?

I guess your response is as good as mine.

Human beings are hedonistic in nature. No one loves pains. And we can do anything to avoid a painful experience, including changing our loyalty to a personal physician.

Patients won’t mind looking elsewhere for hospitals or clinics with facilities that lessen their pains.

Let’s look at the cases of some people who have had first-hand experiences with both painful and comfortable situations. Their thought will give you a real life situation of how little changes to your health care services can bring-in tremendous incomes.

Case study 1:

Evan Kendrick, Colorado, USA

“I think the logic behind vein viewer is a good idea,” said Evan. “I couldn’t count the number of times I have gone for blood test that nurses have missed my vein,” he added. “My first encounter with the vein viewer was a completely impressive and comfortable one. I doubt if I will ever allow any nurse to prick my vein again without the use of a vein viewer,” he concluded.

Case study 2:

Maryann, Miami, Florida

According to Maryann, a real estate consultant in Miami, “Vein viewer is a wonderful technology,” she says. “The device used in a semi-darkness environment to take a blood sample from the smallest vein in my breast to test for a cancer,” she continues. “It was a painless experience. I hate to see phlebotomists or nurses searching desperately for veins on their patients,” she added.

Case study 3:

John, Roswell, Atlanta, Georgia

“This is an interesting tech,” says John. “In fact, it is a revolution in the health industry since virtually any nurse can operate the gadget without any fore training,” he added.

Case study 4:

Roseline, Woodstock, Georgia

“My first encounter with the device was when it was used on my grandmother during an emergency,” says Roseline. “My grandmother was unconscious and it wasn’t easy locating her veins. However, when a vein finder was used on her, the veins details became visible enough for the medical team attending to her to administer the IV medications on her,” she narrated.

Case study 5:

Paul, Houston, Texas

“This is cool. It really saves me from a previous experience where some silly nurses kept missing my vein before they could finally find one on my skull, leaving me with bruises and pains” says Paul. “On this occasion where the vein locator was used, the nurse easily found my vein and took the blood in one quick attempt. I won’t ever allow anyone to insert needles into my skin without using the gadget,” he finalized.

All the above cases point to the experiences of different individuals who have found the vein viewer to be of immense benefits to them.

As you can see, none of these individuals are willing to have his or her vein pricked without the use of a vein viewer. This is because they have enjoyed the comfortable solutions provided by the vein viewer technology.

Likewise, no patient, who have seen a librating experience in another hospital or clinic with want to suffer an avoidable pain in your clinic if you do not have a vein viewer in place.

I guess you can now see the difference. Nobody enjoys having their veins poked endlessly. Even, your employees will be more comfortable when they can actually help their patience to get rid of undue pains. Plus, it helps them to save the time they would have wasted on a difficult encounter.


Admittedly, in all aspect of invasive medical procedures, vein pricking is the most common approach. So, inventing a gadget that makes this process easier for health practitioners couldn’t be anything less than a divine intervention.

I want you to know that it will really be in your own interest and in the interest of your business, to have a vein viewer in your clinic or hospital so as to make a lasting impression on your patients.

Remember most of the clinical situations require a fast and effective venous access in order to ensure patient’s safety and care.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s for rehydration, emergency situations, application of systemic drugs or other anesthesiological procedure, vein viewer gadgets can make all difference for your patients.

Of course, having taken your time to read this post, you now know all the reasons why it’s no longer wise for you not to have a vein viewer installed in your clinic.

As it is, you have everything to gain. More patients, happy employees, and increase income.

And making a purchase is not actually difficult. All you need to do is to simply go online and search for the very one that suits your pocket as well as your needs.

The best part of this article is that, I have done everything for you. There is nothing much for you to do other than to take action.

Yes, take action. And you don’t have to leave your desk before taking this necessary action.

All you need to do is to visit some of the links provided in chapter 3 above, read the product features, and make a purchase.

It’s as simple as that. So, invest in a vein viewer today and watch the number of patients visiting your hospital or clinic grows tremendously.

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