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Best 6 Vein Finder Light

The vein Finder is a modern medical device that helps healthcare professionals quickly and easily locate veins.When the device is operational, veins can be mapped directly to the skin surface in real time.

At present, there are all kinds of brands on the market. Which brand is more suitable for you?I believe you must be in a difficult choice, because most of the brands on the website display the same content, after a long time of research, I have summed up the market 7 most popular brands, maybe you can get some information from my summary.So as to choose a suitable brand.

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4.CMS vein Finder





aimvein pro 2.0 vein finder image

  • Price: $1,830
  • Free Shipping 
  • 1 year warranty
  • 14 day 100% money back Guarantee

AimVein has been in business for over 10 years and has supplied more than 2,000 hospitals with our state-of-the-art vein detectors during that time.Medical cold light design.Our battery is rechargeable and lasts at least 2.5 hours on a single charge.For you to buy equipment, also do not have to worry about, we improve the one-year warranty.

Our AimVein takes a cumbersome process that is often riddled with guesswork and inaccuracies and makes it highly accurate.Customers can obtain clear venous imaging so that they can accurately target the vein for blood drawing, intravenous injection, etc.

We offer three different models to choose from: scaffolding, tabletop and handheld.We want every health care worker to be able to use this device, because then you don't have to worry about an accident during the venipuncture and the patient's mood.


accuvien vien finder image

AccuVein is a US company that has produced the world's first handheld vein viewing system. AccuVein's vein imaging uses two lasers: an invisible infrared and a visible red, which work in tandem to provide a real-time image of the subcutaneous vascular system up to 10 mm deep.The laser has greater penetration, so AccuVein is able to present very clear venous images.

As one of many hand-held vein devices, AccuVein is also easy to use and suitable for all body shapes and skin tones.

The cost of the ACCUVIEN device is correspondingly higher in order to obtain high-resolution venous images.

It is worth noting that lasers are harmful to humans and cannot be used directly, so AccuVein should not be used near patients' eyes, and it would be better if medical staff reduced the staring time.AccuVein, meanwhile, has fewer personalizations.


VeinViewer is a subsidiary of Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., a major international company.Christie Medical Holdings is trying to change the model of modern medicine through the innovation of light technology.

veinviewer flex image

The VeinViewer Flex is a handheld device, but compared to Aimvein, Accuvien and other handheld devices, vienViewer Flex does not have an advantage because it is relatively large and not user-friendly.

veinviewer vision2 image

The VeinViewer Vision2 is their latest model and comes with a bracket connection with an articulated arm.The VeinViewer uses near-infrared technology to project clear veins on the skin surface, allowing you to see blood patterns up to 15 mm deep and clinically relevant veins up to 10 mm deep.

Image storage and export,Multiple modes, such as different window sizes and colors.The VeinViewer can also store and export vein images to a computer, which is easy to use and gives AccuVien an edge over AccuVein and VeinViewer in terms of image sharpness.But Vienviewer's is good, too.The VienViewer device's battery only works for two hours, which can cause major inconvenience.Besides, his price is quite high.

4.CMS vein Finder


VF20 is a product of CMS.It uses safe near-infrared light.There are two kinds of movable bracket and fixed bracket and two kinds of bracket options, which can be applied to different scenarios.

VF 20 is suitable for different skin colors and ages, which plays an important role in venipuncture surgery and improves the puncture success rate.

CMS Medical's VF20 is one of the more affordable venous probes with a beautiful design.Plus, it has a four-hour battery life, which is good news for paramedics.


iism vien finder image

iiSM is a South Korean company founded in 2017.The imaging mode of iiSM Vein Probe is different from what we mentioned before. Instead of directly projecting the Vein image onto the skin, it is projected onto the screen. Although the imaging is clear enough, the nurse has to look at the screen to puncture the patient, which seems a little hard to imagine.
There are two main types of iiSM venous probes, neither of which is portable, as follows:
The tabletop type only applies to the patient's arm, especially the lower arm.
And the vertical has a moving bracket.

In addition, this device has a continuous running time of 1.5 hours, which is much lower than other brands in our list.While it might be awkward for a nurse to turn off her cell phone in the middle of piercing a patient, setting an alarm clock is a good idea.


hellovein max 3.0 image

  • Price: $3,698
  • Free Shipping 
  • 1 Year Warranty

Get clearest vein image in 1 second on your skin. Find veins easily and send your first-stick success rate soaring with this precision vein finder device.

Hellovein Max 3.0,The world’s most advanced and reliable infrared vein finder.No other vein finder device available provides our HD image quality! The HelloVein vein viewer’s unique Real Multi-Exposure Image Fusion (RMIF) technology allows it to harness 850nm near infrared wavelengths to produce clear vein mapping.


Multiple Size

Medical staff can view images full size, two-thirds size or one-third size. This feature is especially beneficial for pediatric patients or when one particular vessel or set of vessels needs to be viewed.

Inverse Image

Inverse mode for thinner or deeper veins, to reverse the image to negative for easier viewing.

Enhanced Mode

Enhanced mode is made for some difficult-to-find vein such as the obesity or children whose vein may be hard to track.


HelloVein includes five color viewing options so that medical staff can get clear imaging no matter what a patient’s skin tone.

Brightness Mode

Now medical staff can adjust for skin tone and room lighting conditions by selecting either low or high brightness. This helps ensure each image provides a clear vein map.

Sleeping Mode

Sleeping Mode to save battery life when the vein light is not in use.


The difficulty of venipuncture has plagued people for a long time.Especially for infants, the elderly, obesity, dark skin and edema of this part of the population.With the development of technology, more and more different brands of venous probes are appearing on the market and trying to solve this problem.How to choose from different products becomes an important problem.
In terms of device principle, there are two mainstream technologies, near infrared light and laser. Laser undoubtedly has better penetration and can show blood vessel images more clearly.

However, the risk of laser should also be concerned because of the particularity of medical devices, which will be directly applied to the human body.There are other devices that use stronger LED lights to make veins clearer, but technical limitations mean such vein detectors won't be much use in clinical applications.
For venous probe, the quality of venous image is a basic evaluation standard,

so we selected 6 products of vascular map which are helpful for clinical application from a large number of brands.We chose their most advanced models, and based on that, further specifications were compared, including weight, brightness adjustment, color selection, size switch, display mode, etc.This is the comparison table.Hope to help you in your choice.

Comparison Sheet

light source Variant Colors weight Battery Working Time Display Mode Different Window Sizes
Aimvein pro 2.0 NIR 7 Lightweight, Portable 2.5h On surface of the skin 1
Accuvien Laser 1 Lightweight, Portable 2h On surface of the skin 1
veinviewer NIR 3 Non-portable, connected with mobile stand 2h On surface of the skin 3
CMS vein finder NIR 3 Lightweight, Portable 5h On surface of the skin 3
iiSM NIR 1 Non-portable, connected with mobile stand 1.5h Screen display 1
Hellovein Max 3.0 NIR 5 Lightweight, Portable 5h On surface of the skin 3

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