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Which Accuvein Alternative Should You Choose?

What Is A Vein Finder?

A vein finder is a medical tool that helps medics identify veins in a patient's body quickly and easily. The vein finder makes it easy for medical professionals to administer treatment. Several different companies are offering Accuvein Alternative vein finders. Let us discuss some of them here:

1. Aimvein

The Aimvein vein finders feature the latest technology and highest accuracy. They offer multiple products, including portable vein finders to mobile professional machines.


Aimvein Pro 2.0

This imaging model is a portable version you can use wherever and however you want to. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Customers can order a mobile cart stent along with a desktop fixed stent. It makes it much easier for medics to use and is guaranteed to increase first stick success by 3.5x.

The battery time is around 2.5 hours and can project from a distance of 25-35 cm. The light emitted from the machine is safe for the eyes.

Aimvein Enhancer 2.0

enhancer 2.0 image

The Aimvein enhancer is the desktop version of the actual Aimvein. This product includes the Aimvein Pro 2.0 and a stand to keep it stationary. The mechanics have a hovering arm that allows it to increase accuracy. The imaging is non-invasive and safe to use.

Aimvein Go 2.0

vein locator image

The Aimvein Go is a hand-pushed model and quickly moves around just like the name suggests. This model is designed specifically for movement. The mechanism comes with a storage box and intensifier. This model is slightly on the heavier side as it comes with a complete stand.

Aimvein Go 1.0

vein illuminator image

This is the professional version of the Aimvein Go. Its scaffold design allows it to move wherever you want it to. The chassis is as stable as it can get. You can also get a storage basket with it to store any additional materials. The multi-joint adjustment mechanism makes it mobile and convenient.


The Aimvein vein finder comes with a lot of benefits, including first-stick success. The advanced technology also allows it to reduce pain by 39%. Since there is decreased pain, many patients prefer it to be used every time they receive treatment.

Many people are confused as to whether the illumination harms the skin when in reality, it is highly non-invasive.


Each model has a different price(5% off). The prices are as follows:

Aimvein Pro 2.0 - $1,830

Aimvein Enhancer 2.0 - $3,299

Aimvein Go 2.0 - $3,199

Aimvein Go 1.0 - $2,899

As you would expect, the higher the price, the more value the product model would offer. So, it would be best to choose a product suited for your particular needs.

2. VeinViewer

Veinviewer is the brainchild of Christie Medical Holdings and is explicitly designed to help hospitals use the technology as a means of innovation solution. It is known for its accuracy and considered to be the most innovative machine of its kind.


VeinViewer Flex

veinviewer flex image

The veinviewer flex is a handy model that allows users to move it as they please. This portable machine is one of the most accurate imaging devices. It supports HD imaging Df2 technology that makes it the brightest illuminator. Using this product, patients can get all their vascular access procedures as easily as possible.

This product is highly portable, making this device the best fit for any hospital department, including emergency services. Its accuracy and portability have been of great advantage in sensitive units such as the NICU. Its distinct features include MaxBright, which allows the machine to emit 40% more light when needed.

The model has no complaints of radiation problems or other laser issues. It is exceptionally safe to use.

VeinViewer Vision2

veinviewer vision 2 image

The VeinViewer Vision 2 is the most advanced model by Christie Medial Holdings. It allows the medics to examine the complete body without having to reposition the patient over and over again. This machine is of great use across all facilities and can be used to assess the patient's entire body.

Medical experts can just place the machine at each patient's bedside and then move the head to wherever they want to administer the treatment. In addition to its mobility, users also get two customization options that not many devices offer. With this device, you can get the projected image in different colors. You can also invert or resize the image as you please.


There are several benefits to using the VeinViewer. For instance, the company’s devices offer extreme fine detail to identify the smallest vein they can. Moreover, you can use different colors to increase the visibility of the veins in patients of varying skin tones. Their machines also come with a specific feature of image capture and a Tri-color feature.


The cost of VeinViewer can be quoted to you if you fill out the necessary details on their websites. According to customers, the price range is affordable in comparison to the rest of the companies. Its price ranges between $4500 to $8000.

3. Vein-Finder

Vein-Finder is one of the leading companies when it comes to providing high-tech medical tools. Vein-Finder has a high success rate and allows medical staff to be confident about the moves they make. Their vain mapper device enables you to examine the trajectory of veins on the patient's skin in real life. Here are all the details you need to know:


Vein Finder VF20

vf 20 image

This is the latest model of the Vein Finder and is arguably the most cost-effective model with high mobility. Its durability allows medics to hold it in their hands and use it however way they please. It works on the principle that the Hemoglobin in the blood absorbs light at a different rate, which helps the veins stand out. This model is very convenient and can be of great help to doctors trying to tackle sensitive cases.

Vein Finder VF30

vf 30 image

The VF30 model is a minimalistic designed machine that makes it an efficient option. This specific machine allows users to adjust the brightness levels according to their preferences. Doctors can customize the brightness according to the environmental light to get a clear image of the veins. The device includes the imaging unit, the charging cradle, mobile support, and the stand and fixed support. The stand and fixed support is an option you can exclude if you want.

Vein Finder VF700

vf 700 image

The Vein Finder VF700 is the enhanced version of its previous models. It is usually handy for discovering the most difficult to find veins. This model allows users to find Veins that are further in the subcutaneous part of the skin. It comes with a probe stand so that medical professionals can easily use it. With this device, you will also get a screen to see the veins' images clearly.


The Vein-Finder allows for the most precise pictures of veins. It removes the painful procedure of looking for veins by making them easily visible. The reduced stress for both the patient and the doctor allows for an easy exchange. The devices are of high quality and bring a lot of ease and efficiency to medical procedures.


The prices are disclosed to customers who email their website. Once the email is sent the sales manager will reach out to individual customers with the price quote. The price range can be somewhere between $1,299 to $2,999.

4. iism

iism is a certified company that comes up with high technology tools for medical advancements. They have come up with multiple tools that bring ease to the lives of medical professionals and patients. There are many different models introduced by iism pertaining to the detection of veins. Let's take a look at them:

VPism C

VPism c image

The VPism C is a more compact version of the rest of the devices.  It helps doctors see the veins in real-time and with ease. Doctors can discover the exact location of the veins and then administer treatment in the best way. The technology used is non-invasive and very safe. Patients of all ages can use this device to detect their veins.

The device can run consistently for 1.5 hours and is easy to use for even the least tech-savvy doctors and medical staff. They can also save images of different patients to be used later. The device also comes with a freely rotating camera that allows doctors to get pictures of the exact area they want.

VPism D

VPism d image

The VPism D is a desk-type device that allows doctors to examine your veins from the comfort of their desk. It has an angle-adjustable arm part that can be moved around to depict the exact location of nerves clearly. It is very important if doctors wish to prevent any wrong injections and minimize pain for patients. This device is an easy-to-operate machine as it comes with a touch screen. Anyone can navigate through it easily.

VPism S

VPism s image

The VPism S comes with a stand that helps keep the machine stable while the doctors use it to review the veins of patients. There is no use of radiation which makes it a much safer option for patients. It can be used on patients of all sizes and of all ages. The fixing clamp allows doctors to move it around while the base remains stable on the table.


Much like other devices, these devices are very beneficial for doctors who want to minimize the pain patients face daily.


Customers who wish to know the prices can reach out to the company and send them a query. They will respond to you with their quote. The prices range from $1,999 to $2,999.

5. Qualmedi

Registered in Germany and China, Qualmedi has come up with the most advanced technology. It helps medical professionals with administering treatment in the best way possible. It uses high-quality technology to come up with see an accurate depiction of the patient's veins easily. They have one comprehensive model up till now.


QV-500 Vein Finder

qv 500 vein fidner image

The QV Vein finder is a portable device that allows you to project the blood vessels on the skin in real-time. Doctors can comfortably hold it in their hands and use it easily. Since it is very lightweight, one can easily carry it in their hands. If the doctors want an option, they can also use it with a desktop stand. All you need to do is mount it up on the stand and use it for different applications.

There can be many different kinds of patients, and finding veins without professional equipment can be very difficult. These tools help them find accurate veins of every one of them. Whether the patient is obese or hairy, using the QV-500 vein finder, medical professionals will be able to detect veins on every single one of them.

This tool offers seven different colors so that one or the other is compatible with the environment. In addition to that, it also comes in three different sizes for patients of all ages. Doctors can choose among five different levels of brightness as per need.

The tool can be used from a 15-25 cm distance and uses infrared light that causes no harm to the Human body.


The benefit of this tool is that it is very handy and can be used by anyone. It is mobile, which means that it can be used on any surface without any issues.


To find the cost of the nerve finder, customers can reach out to the company and send you a quote with all the details. Their prices range between $1,399 to $1,899.

6. Sunnymedgz

Sunnymed is one of the top professional medical equipment suppliers. They have been working for more than eight years, providing customers with the best medical equipment around the world. They offer many medical devices, including the vein finder. At present t they offer one model by the name SY-G090-1.



SY-G090-1 image

This model is a portable vein viewer that comes in a wooden case. The vein viewer is highly portable and only weighs around 450g. The vein viewer is designed like a mobile chassis and is easily able to support the structure. The product has a lithium battery which makes it have a long life. It is designed to be as mobile as possible so that doctors and other medical staff can use it on the go.

The device comes with infrared light that ensures no radiation is used. This means that it is safe to use for all people. The battery can run on for 3 hours without disruptions, making it an excellent contender among other companies.


This machine is highly accurate and produces pictures with high resolution. You can find 750 x 489 minimum resolution, which is a high-quality picture. You can create 20 frames per second. And the source life is 20,000 hours. This device is of excellent efficiency as doctors can keep it on themselves to be used whenever they want. It also helps reduce the pain most patients face when doctors try to look for their veins.

This device pledges to make the first strip as successful as possible. The clear depictions of blood vessels allow doctors to administer treatment as easily as possible without any harm done.


To find out the prices you can send an inquiry on their website. You will have to include your name, the email address, and the product you want to inquire about. The next tab is the message box, where you can type a query requesting the medical device's price. Considering its features, the cost might range somewhere between $1,200 to $1,500. It is a very cost-effective product as compared to other competitors.

7. Hellovein

The Hellovein is a highly technical gadget that allows medical professionals to view the complete map of the vasculature, as the picture is readily displayed on the patient's skin. This company provides high-quality devices that eliminate the risk of bifurcations. These devices are very safe and can help save a lot of valuable time. Here are the models they offer:


Hellovein Max 3.0

Hellovein max 3.0 image

The Hellovein Max 3.0 is its classic model. It is lightweight and can be handled by hand, which makes it highly efficient. Medical staff can easily use this device when they are on rounds to administer treatments. With additional accessories, the handheld model can easily turn into a fixed or mobile stand. With this model, you can get different colors that can be used per the medical professional's preference. In addition to that, you also have the opportunity to use different sizes depending on the patient's age.

Some features help this product stand out, and those include the fine mode. Using this mode3, doctors can look at the veins in a much finer print that helps them identify the veins on obese people easily.

Max 3.0 + Mobile Trolley

hellovein mobile trolley image

Mobile trolley stand is the most common stand, you can roll the device from room to room. It's mostly used in Inpatient Department and users are loving it.


The devices are of the highest quality and have even received accolades from different organizations. The quality is impressive, leaving zero space for doctors to make errors. With the help of this, doctors can save time and ensure that their patients face little to no pain.   


To find out the prices of the two devices, you must reach out to the company and drop them an email enquiring about the price. It may very well be within the range of $3,000 to $5,000.

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