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Free Demo Program Now Available


You asked for it and we responded! We have recently been receiving many requests like this from prospective customers:
“I was looking to see if there was a salesperson that could come out and demo this product? We are a small county hospital and don't want to waste money we don't have on something that won't work for us. Thanks.” – Chad
We understand concerns like this and have created a special Demo Program so that you can alleviate concerns and see firsthand if AimVein is right for you. 

How the Demo Program Works:

Just follow these simple steps to demo AIMVEIN:

1.Please fill in the form to apply for the free Demo Program. Keep in mind that the more detailed information you provide, the easier it will be to get approved. So be sure to tell us why you want to use our vein finder.

2.After receiving your application, verifying your information and then approving the request, a sales rep will send you one AIMVEIN PRO2.0 to demo for free.

3.You can then test the AIMVEIN PRO2.0 at your site for up to 5 working days.

4.After the free trial period you can do one of the following:

  ● If you are satisfied with the product and want to buy a new one from our website, just email us and let us know. A delivery person will pick up your demo unit and a new AIMVEIN PRO2.0 will be shipped to you right away.

  ● If you decide AIMVEIN PRO2.0 is not right for you, simply email us and let us know. A delivery person will then come and pick up your demo unit. You won’t owe us any money.

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