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Since being established in 2012, AIMVEIN has become well-known by hospital owners, medical equipment wholesalers and others in the medical community for providing a high quality vein viewer that increases first stick success, decreases medically unnecessary PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) lines and increases patient satisfaction.

Our vein viewer even offers you three different color settings to ensure it works with different skin colors. As a result, our vein viewer eases pressure on medical personnel and makes it easier for you to do your job well.

At AIMVEIN, our staff of specialized workers and researchers is also devoted to vein finder research and development and manufacturing so that you can rest assured that our product is always on the cutting edge and setting the industry standard.

We also employ knowledgeable sales and technical support staff to aid you in selecting the right vein viewer products.

What’s the bottom line? At AIMVEIN, we are committed to providing the highest quality product along with all of the following: a high level of customer service, competitive pricing and speedy delivery.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your satisfaction and patients’ health.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your satisfaction and patients' health.

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